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Fatal Addiction

February 11th, 2013 by

Sexual Recovery Anonymous states in reference to the deteriorating lives of sex addicts “We began to sense that we were spinning downwards, out of control, toward a life of loneliness, misery, jail, insanity, perhaps even toward death.”

Death? C’mon, you’ve got to be kidding.

Nope. Sex addiction and the possibility of death is no joke. Have a look at these possible outcomes of sex addiction. It’s nothing to laugh about.


Although the prognosis for HIV/AIDS has improved dramatically over the years, fatal consequences still exist. According to the CDC, almost 10,000 people died from HIV infection in 2009. If you’re lucky enough get diagnosed early, it has been estimated that people with HIV still lose about 7 years of life expectancy. But early diagnosis and treatment can still be no match for a highly resistant strain of HIV. In 2005, a multidrug resistant strain of HIV-1 was discovered that progressed from infection to full-blown AIDS in 2-3 months. If nothing else, for the rest of your life you can look forward to regularly monitoring of your T-cells, taking medication on a daily basis, and the cost and potential side effects of your HIV treatments.


Unfortunately, at the end of the road, suicide seems like a viable option for some people suffering from sex addiction. Although sex addiction starts out as a quest for pleasure, in the end it’s anything but fun. If you’ve lost everything that matters to you, including your family, life can seem pretty bleak and maybe just not worth it anymore. Nigel Benn, one of Britain’s most dominant boxers, admitted that he attempted suicide as a result of his sex addiction. Rick Springfield, best known for his song “Jessie’s Girl” also attributed his suicide attempt to his sex addiction. They were lucky enough to live, but not everybody is.


Sex addicts will go to great lengths to act out. This involves visiting sex workers, using brothels, and engaging in affairs outside of marriage. The problem with engaging in commercial sex is that it’s usually illegal and that means from time to time there are prostitution stings. Unfortunately people can die in prostitution stings. And the danger in fooling around with someone else’s significant other is that he or she isn’t too thrilled about your sexual escapades. That significant other can actually lose control and kill you. There’s a reason why the term “crime of passion” was created.

Spiritual Death

Finally, you don’t have to be killed outright to actually die from sex addiction. You can slowly reach a point of spiritual death. With each instance of sexual acting out, your moral compass loses direction, your sense of self fades, and your feeling of belonging diminishes. If you’re lucky, the complete absence of meaning in your life, the devastating shame and guilt, and the total despair will lead you to seek help. With professional support and the help of 12-Step Fellowships you can regain your spiritual vitality and go on to live a better life than you’ve ever known. But you don’t have to lose your soul before you seek help.

All you have to do is have a desire to stop acting out—to choose life over death.


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