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Commercial sex behaviors may include patronizing massage parlors or strip clubs, using escorts, phone sex, financially supporting someone in exchange for sex, or giving expensive gifts for sexual favors.  Power and entitlement are key characteristics for the commercial sex addict.  Rituals often involve inordinate amounts of time searching for the "right" sex partner.  Cruising in cars or browsing internet advertisements may take many long hours, adding to the unmanageability of the sex addict's life.  Payment for sexual activity may create the illusion of control for the sex addict.   Additionally, reconstruction of a childhood scenario may be part of the commercial sex addict's behavioral pattern.  Ultimately, extreme shame is a result of this form of sexual addiction.  Treatment includes task-oriented intervention as well as behavior modification.

Sex Addiction Further Defined

Sex Addiction DefinedSex addiction is a condition marked by obsessive thinking about sex and by a persistent compulsion More>


Trauma and Sex Addiction

Trauma and Sex AddictionWith the women and men who come to us for treatment of sexual acting-out, we discover again and again More>


Biochemistry of Sex Addiction

Biology of Sex AddictionSexual behavior releases endorphins in the brain that resemble opiates in that they numb pain


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