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The Foundation Group is a 10-week psycho-education group.  For many clients at New York Pathways, the Foundation Group is their first experience of engaging with other sex addicts in treatment.  Research has demonstrated that this is an extremely critical step for the recovering sex addict.  The support of peers who struggle with sex addiction as well as the hope and encouragement transferred between members of the Foundation Group significantly accelerates the recovery process of those suffering from this disorder.

During the Foundation Group, clients are given important tools to break their dependency on sex addiction and to better equip themselves for sustained sexual sobriety.  Clients learn recovery techniques to use in times of crisis or when faced with an overwhelming desire to act in a sexually destructive manner.  Throughout the course of the Foundation Group clients will become an expert on their addiction.  Fundamental concepts of sexual addiction are explored including the sexual addiction cycle, behavioral patterns, isolation, impact of shame, and origins of sexual addiction.

Relapse prevention from active sex addiction is a top priority of the Foundation Group.  Clients are monitored over the course of the 10 week group using methods developed by Dr. Patrick Carnes which powerfully increase clarity and accountability.  In the very first week clients are introduced to new ways of avoiding problematic behaviors, thus steering clear of the habitual and destructive patterns which inevitably lead back to sex addiction.  Obstacles to recovery are skillfully broken through enabling clients to recognize how rationalization and denial have contributed to the unmanageability of their sex addiction.

After completion of the Foundation Group, clients will have acquired essential information and key recovery tools for the beginnings of a healthier life free of the destructiveness of sex addiction.

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Sex Addiction Further Defined

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Trauma and Sex Addiction

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Biochemistry of Sex Addiction

Biology of Sex AddictionSexual behavior releases endorphins in the brain that resemble opiates in that they numb pain


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