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The Growth Group is therapeutic group run by a CSAT-trained therapist for New York Pathways clients who have completed the Foundation Group and worked through the obstacles of early sex addiction treatment.  Growth Groups are intimate in size with considerable attention given to each member's particular difficulties, encouraging growth and movement toward healthy sexuality.

The Growth Group focuses on many areas of sexual recovery.  However, hope is the aspect which stands above all others.  Recovering clients in the Growth Group witness first-hand members like themselves breaking free from sex addiction and reclaiming their lives.  Discouragement and self-defeat are swept aside as sexual sobriety is nurtured in an atmosphere of trust and healing.

The Growth Group is a place in which fellow sex addicts share coping strategies for dealing with withdrawal, cravings, and other stumbling blocks to sexual sobriety.  Clients are encouraged to set healthy boundaries in their lives and are supported by other group members in attempts to maintain them.  Clients discover strength in identification with fellow group members and participate in a culture of mutual support.

Because damaged relationships are often a result of sexual addiction, the repair of relationships is an essential area addressed in the Growth Group.  Clients are carefully and skillfully guided through the process of repairing damaged relationships following methods created by Dr. Patrick Carnes.  Capacity for empathy and forgiveness are explored as clients regain their ability to trust others and let go of faulty and destructive self-beliefs.

For many, the experience of the Growth Group is often a turning point in treatment.  Clients attain the resources necessary to manage a new-found life free of destructive sexual behavior.

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Sex Addiction Further Defined

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Trauma and Sex Addiction

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Biochemistry of Sex Addiction

Biology of Sex AddictionSexual behavior releases endorphins in the brain that resemble opiates in that they numb pain


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