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The Renewal Group is an advanced process group for New York Pathways clients who have made significant progress in their sexual recovery and are prepared to take steps toward the deeper interpersonal changes required for sustained and lasting sexual sobriety.

Sex addiction has often been described as an "intimacy disorder." Sex addicts often engage in destructive sexual behavior in an attempt to escape the pain of the loneliness they feel.  Therefore, a critical task of sex addiction treatment is the exploration of what prevents the recovering addict from experiencing a full and intimate connection in relationships.  Client's maladaptive relational styles are challenged by the group therapist and interpersonal exchanges between group members.  The Renewal Group helps the client examine ways in which he/she inhibits their own personal development and impedes progress toward more fulfilling relationships.

Psycho-Drama and Gestalt techniques are also used with clients as they begin to work through difficult family-of-origin issues.  Clients are skillfully guided through the resolution of complex historical problems and steered with group participation into new areas of healing and recovery.  Free of long-standing, stubborn obstacles rooted in their histories, clients regain a capacity to thrive.

As the destructiveness of active sex addiction is left in the past, clients in the Renewal Group encounter new options.  With encouragement from group members, self-care becomes a priority.  Healthy sexuality (an elusive concept for the active sex addict) is at last within reach, and often attained.  Ultimately, group members in this stage of recovery report a renewed sense of meaning in their lives, augmented by close peer group relationships—authentic, reliable, and healing.  Upon completion of the Renewal Group clients have transformed their lives and experience a lasting freedom from the destructiveness of the past.

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Sex Addiction Further Defined

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Trauma and Sex Addiction

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Biochemistry of Sex Addiction

Biology of Sex AddictionSexual behavior releases endorphins in the brain that resemble opiates in that they numb pain


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