Self-Assessment for Partners

Someone who is married to, or in a significant relationship with a sex addict sometimes demonstrates a common set of similar characteristics. These characteristics include denial, preoccupation, enabling, rescuing, taking unneeded responsibility, trying to control the addict, self-compromise, anger and sexual issues. Being traumatized by sex addiction can range in severity and some individuals will find they experience few of these characteristics. For others, they may demonstrate a range of these mal-adaptive behaviors.

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People who identify with even a few of the above behaviors likely struggle with PTSD like symptoms brought on by someone’s addictive behavior. Practitioners often find common characteristics in the spouses or partners of addicts. They begin to notice families who struggle with setting boundaries, rescuing behaviors, trying to control their partners and sacrificing themselves for the “good of the relationship.” These family members desperately need help to learn to shatter the past turmoil, fear and pain and return to a life or normalcy, based on mutual trust, boundaries, self-nurturing and care.

For this reason New York Pathways has developed a unique 12-week confidential support group facilitated by a licensed professional counselor entitled Healing Our Shattered Trust: Mending Strategies for Spouses & Partners.

This group includes both educational and clinical information regarding sexual addiction, therapeutic processing of trauma, working through intense feelings of betrayal, anger and shame and dealing with issues related to intimacy, restoring trust, and renewing or dissolving your relationship.

TIME: 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM
(Sliding scale available)

Registration required for admission. Educational topics will follow a 12-week cycle and the group is on-going with rolling admissions. Group members are requested to commit to a minimum of twelve weeks to support group cohesion.