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We all know by now that when a person who is addicted drugs or alcohol stops using the chemical substance, that person will experience physiological and psychological withdrawal symptoms. Similarly, when you stop your problematic sexual behaviors, you will also most likely experience withdrawal symptoms. more>

Taking the Next Right Action
My wife and I recently celebrated our 12 year wedding anniversary in Vermont on Lake Champlain. I had been wanting to go to Lake Champlain for a while. The story of the great Fort Ticonderoga, situated on a hill overlooking the lake... more>

Shame: A Treatment Perspective
"Shame", a film by Steve McQueen, is a window into the tragic life of a sex addict in New York City. Brandon Sullivan is a thirty-something advertising executive who seems to be constantly engaged in compulsive sexual activities. more>

Why am I a sex addict?
Many people seek treatment with the singular goal of discovering why they are sex addicts. They think if they can just discover the event or events that led to their addiction, then their self-destructive behaviors will suddenly fall by the wayside. more>

A Period of Sexual Abstinence
Wait! Don't freak out. Let us explain.

If the idea of a period of sexual abstinence frightens you, you are not alone. Most people struggling with sex addiction do not look forward to a period of abstinence from their sexual behaviors either.

The Truth About 12-Step Meetings
Our experience has shown that 12-Step meetings are vital to the long-term success of a recovering sex addict. 12-Step meetings geared toward sex addiction help sex addicts not only achieve sobriety, but learn life skills that lead to a more meaningful more>

The Reality about Sexual Fantasies
Some people suffering from sex addiction often complain of having intrusive sexual fantasies. They wonder why they can't stop fantasizing about a particularly stimulating situation or person. more>

The Power of Writing
Many sex addicts in early recovery struggle with the idea of writing. One of the most important tools in recovery, though, is reflective writing. Here are four reasons why writing is so important to the sexual recovery process. more>

The 600 lb Phone
The disease of sex addiction thrives in isolation. In fact, Patrick Carnes has called addiction an intimacy disorder. The nature of sex addiction is to separate you from others, get you to believe your lies, and force you to seek your own destruction one crippling sexual act at a time. more>

Is There a Cure for Sex Addiction?
This is a question that people struggling with out of control sexual behaviors sometimes ask. They want to know what the cure is so they can stop engaging in self-destructive behaviors and move on with their life. more>

How Willing Are You?
In the beginning, many sex addicts claim to be willing to do whatever it takes to recover from their sex addiction. But oftentimes when a suggestion is made, addicts balk. more>

How to Make the Most Out of 12-Step Meetings
You have made your first 12-Step meeting. But now what? It's easy to fall into the trap of "loitering with the intent to recover." Here are five actions you can take to ensure you get the most out of your 12-Step experience. more>

Healthy Emotional Self-Regulation
One of the most important aspects of recovery from sex addiction involves learning how to emotionally self-regulate. Healthy emotional self-regulation basically involves being able to manage emotional states, both positive and negative, in a way that promotes well-being. There are a number of habits sex addicts can practice to improve their ability to emotionally self-regulate. more>


Sex Addiction Further Defined

Sex Addiction DefinedSex addiction is a condition marked by obsessive thinking about sex and by a persistent compulsion More>


Trauma and Sex Addiction

Trauma and Sex AddictionWith the women and men who come to us for treatment of sexual acting-out, we discover again and again More>


Biochemistry of Sex Addiction

Biology of Sex AddictionSexual behavior releases endorphins in the brain that resemble opiates in that they numb pain


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