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Reboot and Restore

When adventure turns to self-annihilation, when the way home seems unreachable, and when your reflection is unrecognizable, it’s time to seek help. Free yourself from the PnP thrall by welcoming RnR. In association with New York Pathways, Christopher M. Shea has developed the Reboot and Restore (RnR) Chemsex Treatment Program to help gay men and MSM recover from chemsex addiction.

RnR will provide guidance and direction in getting off the self-destructive path of drug and sex fusion. During the adjustment phase, the loss of what chemsex provided is appropriately recognized and processed. Our experienced clinical staff engages in both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary teamwork to provide each participant with specialized care.  We’ll work on identifying underlying traumas and other possible factors compromising mental health. Exploring family of origin dynamics and pressures gay men experience in our community will illuminate intimacy challenges and tendencies to detach, overcompensate, and move towards escape through addictive behaviors. Participants will eventually develop a more integrated relationship with themselves, no longer needing the double life chemsex requires.