Treatment for Sex and Pornography Addiction

New York Pathways is devoted exclusively to the treatment of sex addiction and its effects on individuals, spouses/partners, couples and families. The goal of treatment at New York Pathways is rebuilding lives and relationships lost to addiction, and New York Pathways employs a team of licensed therapists who are specially trained in treating sex addiction. New York Pathways believes that many problematic, out-of-control sexual behaviors are rightly classified as an addictive disorder. As such, New York Pathways follows the addiction treatment model that was originally formulated for the treatment of alcoholism and chemical dependency, which treats the addiction as the primary disorder rather than a symptom of an underlying condition. New York Pathways has seen much success with this model of treatment and finds that effective treatment of underlying conditions can only be accomplished once the addictive behaviors have been addressed. New York Pathways treatment consists of individual therapy, group therapy, couples and family therapy, and intensive weekend workshops. Because addiction is a family disease, New York Pathways also offers individual and group therapy for the spouses/partners of addicts. We are conveniently located in mid-town Manhattan and offer treatment in a safe confidential environment.

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Much like alcoholism and drug addiction, sex addiction is a serious and harmful condition resulting in significant suffering for the addict and the addict’s family. The condition is treatable

Sexual behavior releases endorphins in the brain that resemble opiates in that they numb pain and produce a feeling of well-being. This endorphin release is compulsively pursued by the sex addict.

Sex addiction is a condition marked by obsessive thinking about sex and by a persistent compulsion to engage in sexual behavior in spite of negative consequences.

This is a question that people struggling with out of control sexual behaviors sometimes ask. They want to know what the cure is so they can stop engaging in self-destructive behaviors and move on with their life.

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