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New York Pathways offers several multi-faceted, customized intensive treatment programs. An intensive treatment program typically lasts one to six weeks and is individually tailored to meet your specific needs. There are a number of reasons an intensive program can be beneficial to you. Some of the most common reasons our clients attend an intensive program are:

  • A jump start in the treatment process
  • Added support to work through a specific issue that has come up in treatment, such as childhood sexual abuse
  • Discovering the origins of your sex addiction
  • Extra help with maintaining abstinence
  • To overcome a “block” in meeting goals during treatment
  • Relationship restoration in an intensive treatment format

Although each intensive is different depending on your particular needs, some modules that may be covered are distorted thinking, breaking through denial, changing a thought pattern, changing a behavior pattern, mindfulness practice, trauma, and other issues that may prevent you from living a fulfilling and purposeful life. Each intensive will be structured by a case manager in consultation with you and the treatment team. We will also work with your outside therapist, in applicable situations. We strive to provide you with real solutions in a concrete treatment plan.