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Treatment begins with a confidential assessment session of approximately 1 hour. During this time, we discuss the addictive and compulsive behaviors that are causing pain for you and your loved ones.

Our assessment involves evaluating the consequences of sex addiction on marriage, family, and other meaningful relationships; and ramifications in the work, social, spiritual, and financial realms. There are often significant and catastrophic repercussions of sex addiction such as divorce, job loss, physical injury or even criminal arrest.

The holistic, three-fold treatment philosophy of New York Pathways encompasses education, individual therapy, and group therapy.


The goal of discernment counseling is to assist you in gaining greater clarity and confidence in your decision making while working through the structural and emotional damage to your relationship. The immediate decision is framed not as whether to stay together or divorce but whether to continue moving towards divorce or committing to a six month effort to restore your marriage, with divorce off the table for that time period.


In our education groups, we begin with creating an awareness of the addiction and continue with personalized education throughout the recovery process. The more you understand your addiction, the more you will learn to recognize triggers and avoid treacherous situations. We will provide you with recommended reading lists to further your understanding of sex addiction, and we will offer you tools that you will be able to use to support you in your recovery process.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is a continuous, one-on-one process. In the early stages of individual therapy, we focus on addressing your specific acting out behavior and offer you direction in slowing and stopping such behavior. As we continue our work, we will explore your own unique deeper issues, with the goal of developing a balanced life.

Group Therapy

Group therapy provides both support and accountability among those with sex addiction and those who engage in compulsive behaviors. Sessions involve education and discussions of traumatic events as well as confrontations regarding denial, delusions, and inappropriate behaviors. It has been our experience that most clients find group therapy to greatly assist in freeing them from secrecy and shame.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy encourages exploration of issues which impact intimacy and sexual well-being. Building skills for cultivating and sustaining healthy, loving, and mutually satisfying relationships are emphasized in couples therapy.

Partner/Spouse Therapy

We also offer individual and group therapy for partners and family members of those who suffer from sex addiction, as we have found that partners and family members can benefit tremendously from such treatment themselves. Often partners are deeply affected by the addiction and develop a strong desire to control their loved one in the hope of stopping the behavior or “curing” the addict. They may become obsessive about uncovering evidence of the addiction or preventing behaviors. We will work to help partners and family members reclaim their lives from codependency and participate in healthy relationships.