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Has your partner’s sexual behavior caused a breach of trust in your intimate relationship?

Discovering your partner or spouse is a sex or love addict is a traumatic experience. The shock soon gives way to grief, then anger, despair and unmanageability. The pressure to want to know everything builds as you consider whether your relationship is salvageable. At New York Pathways, we understand the trauma of sexual addiction and its effects on you and your family. It’s like being hit by an 18 wheeler, lying in the middle of the highway dazed, not knowing where to turn for help or if it’s even worth it anymore. You need help and at New York Pathways we are experts in treating couples in crisis due to sexual addiction. Our certified sex addiction (CSAT) and licensed marriage and family(LMFT) therapists specialize in the treatment of individuals, families and couples struggling with addiction. It’s not enough to buy in to the promises of “I’ll try and do better,” or “It was just a one night fling.” It takes an ongoing process of individual and group therapy and support groups to deal honestly with the betrayal, build trust and eventually be able to sincerely forgive and move on. These delicate processes are best done in the presence of professionals. Otherwise you could be traumatized all over again.To begin the healing and recovery process for partners and spouses, New York Pathways has begun a 12-week Intensive Group Experience called “Healing Our Shattered Trust: Mending Strategies for Spouses and Partners.”

TIME: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
WHERE: 481 8th Avenue Suite 1040

Registration required for admission.  Educational topics will follow a 12-week cycle and the group is on-going with rolling admissions.  Group members are requested to commit to a minimum of twelve weeks to support group cohesion.

For more information or to register, please contact  212-244-4447 or [email protected]